If you headed into 2017 with significantly less hair than you had to greet 2016, maybe now is the time to take action. Hair restoration is less invasive than ever before, with techniques that provide superior results for both men and women today. At Cole Aesthetic Center, we offer the revolutionary NeoGraft procedure for our patients in search of hair restoration that will be both natural and permanent. Check out these facts about NeoGraft to see if it might be the right procedure for you.

The Art of FUE

FUE is the secret behind NeoGraft’s success. FUE stands for follicular unit extraction, which is a process that removes individual hair follicles from the donor site using the NeoGraft device. The removed hairs are then transplanted into their new location where balding has occurred. Care is taken to arrange the new hairs just right to create a natural and beautiful new head of hair.

NeoGraft is not the only device used to perform FUE, but Dr. Cole has found that this tool provides better precision for the best possible results and a gentler procedure overall. This state-of-the-art procedure is far superior to hair stripping methods that involve larger incisions and tend to leave more scarring behind. This technique also allows for a higher number of follicles “taking” during the implant process to ensure the greatest number of hairs get successfully transplanted.

Benefits of FUE

When you are considering a hair restoration treatment, there are plenty of potential benefits in choosing FUE using NeoGraft:

  • Tiny incisions require no sutures or staples
  • Only local anesthetic is used
  • No visible scarring after the procedure
  • Minimal recovery time after treatment
  • Very little post-procedural discomfort
  • Individual placement of follicles leads to most natural results

Over time, your transplanted hair will begin to grow naturally once again. You will be able to cut it and style it however you like without the worry of hiding scars or other signs you had a hair restoration treatment performed.

How a NeoGraft Procedure Works

NeoGraft is performed right in Dr. Cole’s office on an outpatient basis. Once the treatment area is properly numbed, Dr. Cole will use the NeoGraft device to remove individual follicles from the donor site, usually at the back of the head. Approximately one to four hairs are removed with each extraction. Those hairs are then placed in the area of balding, taking care to ensure the hairs are all placed in a uniform direction with current hair to produce a natural, even result.

A single NeoGraft procedure may take a number of hours to complete. Some patients might prefer to have multiple treatment sessions to complete the process. Once the hair is transplanted, no further procedures are needed.

Fast Recovery, Dramatic Results

Unlike stripping methods that involve the removal of strips of follicles for transplantation, NeoGraft uses very small incisions that do not require any type of suturing afterward. The process, combined with the ability to perform the procedure using a local anesthetic, minimizes any recovery time after treatment. In fact, many of our patients are back to work the day after their NeoGraft procedure. You will be advised to avoid washing your hair for a few days after treatment to ensure the scalp has time to fully heal.

NeoGraft is helping both men and women enjoy thicker, fuller heads of hair today. To learn more about this procedure, contact Cole Aesthetic Center at 360.613.2600.

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