Having eyelids that match your aesthetic can be vital to feeling confident in how you look. That is why we offer double eyelid surgery. Despite what some think, the goal of this procedure is not to “Westernize” your eyelids. Instead, it aims to add a dynamic aspect to your eyelids while blending in with your natural features.

At Cole Aesthetic Center, we focus on providing patients with procedures that deliver natural results. Using modern techniques and a personalized approach, we deliver results that look and feel like you were born with them.

Asian Eyelid Surgery Can Help:

  • Create a double eyelid
  • Improve issues with your vision, including peripheral vision
  • Rejuvenate aged or tired-looking eyes


A common genetic feature for individuals of Asian descent is a “single eyelid.” Double eyelids surgery does not aim to “correct” this but to add depth and definition to your existing features by creating a double eyelid.  Double eyelid surgery is an excellent option for those looking to recreate their eyelid shape while gaining a more vibrant and youthful appearance around the eyes.


Double eyelid surgery is performed under local anesthesia or light sedation anesthesia. This depends on:

  • The patient
  • The number of procedures being performed at once
  • What was discussed during the consultation

Once you are sedated, Dr. Cole makes incisions along the upper eyelids. This provides access to the underlying muscles and fat tissue. The incisions created in the new double eyelid hid well within the folds of the skin. The strategically placed incisions ensure that scarring is minimal. If taken care of properly, most scars will fade over time anyways.
Typically, the procedure is completed in an outpatient facility. So you should be able to return home the same day and start resting.

Combining Procedures with an Asian Eyelid Surgery

Many patients find that other eyelid surgeries, such as lower blepharoplasty, can enhance the results of double eyelid surgery. However, it is also popular to combine it with non-surgical procedures. Common combinations include:


After surgery, you may feel experience:

  • Mild to moderate pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Blurred vision

But this is all normal and can generally be managed with proper medication. You also may experience watering eyes, light sensitivity, double vision, and puffiness. These symptoms are also normal and should go away within a few days or weeks. If they do not, contact our office for an appointment so Dr. Cole can assess your healing. Likewise, if you have any questions or concerns during recovery, please let us know. We will gladly help.

The first week after plastic surgery, you’ll want to focus primarily on resting and recuperating. You’ll also want to keep your face from directly contacting anything. The less strain you put on yourself, the better your recovery will go.

Patients who follow Dr. Cole’s aftercare guidelines return to work and most of their normal daily activities within two weeks. It’s essential to get help after surgery with your daily tasks, as you’ll need to focus on healing. Once swelling has gone down, patients may resume their normal day-to-day activities with Dr. Cole’s approval. This is typically within two weeks; however full healing may take longer.

You will have several follow-up appointments so that Dr. Cole can monitor your progress and healing. Follow Dr. Cole’s instructions for healing, and you should be back to your routine in no time.


For most patients, your results should last for many years! However, this can depend on:

  • How you take care of yourself and your skin
  • Genetic factors
  • Environmental factors
  • Dietary factors

Each of these can impact how long the double eyelid will last. Taking good care of your skin, using SPF, eating a balanced diet, and getting regular exercise can all help with the elasticity and youthfulness of your skin. Pay close attention to caring for the incisions around your eyes to aid in healing. Better care means better healing, which means longer and better results.


Asian eyelid surgery is a great option for patients who want to build on their natural features. The right candidate will:

  • Be in good health
  • Have healthy expectations and goals

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