Gauged or torn earlobes can cause severe thinning and distortion of earlobe tissue. As a result, the earlobes do not resume their former contour or shape. Gauged earlobe repair is a procedure that helps correct and repair the loose and sagging skin caused by prolonged gauging of the lobe. Earlobe Repair Can Help:
  • Close the hole caused by ear gauges, leaving a natural-looking earlobe
  • Recreate a solid earlobe
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How Is A Gauged Earlobe Repair Performed?

After the initial consultation, we request the patient to remove the plugs from his or her ears and allow the holes to shrink as much as possible for about 12 weeks, if possible.

This allows for a more conservative procedure. The more extreme the stretching, the more difficult it can be to restore the earlobe to close to its former shape and size. During the surgical procedure, Dr. Cole uses local anesthetic on the area, minimizing discomfort. Patients are able to resume their normal activity once the sutures are removed.

If you are interested in gauged earlobe repair, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Cole at (360) 776-6888.