Patients looking for a more permanent solution for volume restoration may want to consider Fat Grafting. Fat Grafting, also known as a fat transfer, is the process of removing fat the fat cells from one area and transferring them to another.

Dr Cole can perform this procedure simultaneously with liposuction of other parts of the body or alone, where fat is gently taken from a small area of the body for transfer elsewhere.

Fat Grafting Can Help:
  • Permanently improve contouring with natural-looking results from fat cells sourced from your own body
  • Restore volume to several areas of the body including the hands, cheeks, lower face and eyelids

How Is A Fat Grafting Performed?

At Cole Aesthetic Center, we perform Fat Grafting as an additional procedure done alongside with Tumescent Liposuction. These procedures are done under local anesthesia. After the patient has been numbed, the patient’s liposuction area is tumesced with a fluid through small incision areas. The fluid introduces lidocaine to the treated area, which helps break down the fat cells and shrinks the capillaries, improving the patient’s comfort during the procedure.
Once the patient’s liposuction area has been tumesced, Dr. Cole uses a syringe to remove the amount of fat necessary for the transfer to the new area. The transfer area, such as the hands or areas of the face, is numbed, and the fat is then transferred using a cannula to safely distribute the fat evenly.