Brow Lift (Forehead Lift)

A brow lift, also called a forehead lift, is a surgical procedure to correct deep furrows on the forehead, frown lines over the eyes, and drooping or hood-like brows over the eyes. Whether age or heredity is causing these conditions, a lift can give you a more youthful, animated, and alert appearance.

A brow lift may be performed on its own or along with other procedures such as an eyelid lift(most common), a facelift, or a neck lift for a more dramatic result.

A Brow Lift Can Help With:

  • Furrowed brow that causes a scowling appearance
  • Deep lines across the brow area
  • Hooded skin over the eye area

Post-Trichial Brow Lift

The post-trichial brow lift is a technique that involves an incision just inside the hairline, which contours to the arched skeletal structure typically found in women. After making the incision, Dr. Cole removes the excess skin, gently lifts the facial muscles underneath and smooths out the wrinkles, resulting in elevation of the eyebrows and smoother forehead.

Direct Brow Lift

A direct brow lift is a technique best suited for the skeletal structure of men, which involves a few small incisions just above the eyebrows. With a direct lift, the excess skin is removed, and the facial muscles underneath are gently lifted up to smooth out the wrinkles and elevate the eyebrows.

How Is a Brow Lift Performed?

A brow lift procedure is performed under local anesthesia, supplemented by a mild sedative to keep you relaxed and comfortable. There are a number of variations of the forehead lift, and Dr. Cole will discuss your options with you in detail at your consultation. He will use the technique that is most appropriate for your unique facial structure and desired outcome. Most methods employ several small incisions just inside the hairline – the excess skin is removed, resulting in elevation of the eyebrows and a smoother forehead with a less “angry” and a more relaxed look.

Recovery & Downtime for a Brow Lift

Most patients start feeling better within a couple of days and are back to full activity within two weeks. They experience bruising and swelling for up to 2 weeks, and they will keep their sutures for that same amount of time. Strenuous exertion that increases your blood pressure should be avoided for about one month, along with prolonged exposure to heat or sun.

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