NeoGraft is a revolutionary hair restoration technology that works by harvesting hair from dense areas of the scalp without scarring. These grafts are then transplanted into the target area, offering a natural result from your own body. NeoGraft utilizes Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), which harvests hair follicles individually and transplants them to the balding treatment area. The FUE method is much more precise and effective than traditional hair restoration techniques. Unlike the old FUT method, FUE does not leave any linear scars.

NeoGraft Hair Restoration Can Help:

  • Restore hair loss using the patient’s own donor hair follicles without leaving a big scar or any other noticeable traces of the procedure
  • Create a natural-looking, seamless result with only tiny incisions that do not require sutures or staples, making recovery faster and easier
  • Produce thicker long-lasting hair that begins to grow naturally over time

Combining Treatments with NeoGraft

Hair loss is a common condition that impacts both men and women. Our practice provides a comprehensive assessment to discover the contributing factors causing the reduction in hair. While NeoGraft restores hair, we offer additional treatments to help thicken and enhance your final results. Utilizing the body’s own natural response to healing, we offer the innovative PRP treatment. When the granules in platelets are activated, it results in a release of growth factor to attract more platelets and trigger a cascade of processes that are beneficial for healing. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is an injection treatment of a concentration of a patient’s own platelets containing a high growth factor that expedites healing in the treatment area.

Another treatment to stimulate enhanced results includes a Keravive HydraFacial treatment. Poor scalp health such as dry skin, clogged follicles, dead skin cells and lack of circulation can lead directly to thinner-looking hair. Keravive is a HydraFacial option that cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes the scalp to help  improve hair volume and health. Treatment includes a 5-minute scalp massage and a serum for home treatment.

Neograft Overview

NeoGraft works using FUE or follicular unit extraction. That means it takes individual healthy follicles from a donor site and relocates them to a balding area. The result is a full head of hair that is actually your hair. It looks natural. It feels natural. Because it is natural! Compared with previous hair restoration methods, NeoGraft allows for:

  • Quicker procedure times
  • Lower cost than older FUE methods
  • Faster recovery time
  • More comfortable procedure
  • Natural-looking results
  • Higher patient satisfaction
  • More confidence in your appearance

How Is A Neograft Procedure Performed?

Being minimally invasive, NeoGraft hair restoration is a hair loss management procedure that can be completed using local anesthesia. This ensures the patient remains comfortable for the duration of the procedure. Once the patient’s scalp has been numbed, grafts are collected using the NeoGraft device to remove the specified number of donor grafts to achieve the patient’s desired results. This amount can differ from patient to patient and can be discussed during the consultation.


The donor follicular units are then transplanted to the target area. This is where the surgeon’s skill and abilities truly shine. As a certified hair-transplantation specialist and a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS), Dr. Cole is one of the best there is.

In total, the procedure can take anywhere from 4-8 hours. It is a time-intensive but straightforward process that requires a surgeon with patience and dedication to their craft.

NeoGraft Eyebrow Procedure

Hair transplantation is useful not only for addressing balding or thinning hair on the scalp, but it can also benefit individuals looking to build or restore the aesthetic of their eyebrows. As we age, our eyebrows can begin to thin. With this area being on of the most distinctive features of the face, we understand the important of ensuring that they are an accentuated and healthy feature. On a functional level, eyebrows help keep dirt, sweat, and debris out of your eyes, making them an essential part of the face.

Neograft Hair Transplant Process

  • Step1

    Removal of Donor Hair

    A key part of FUE hair restoration is that you use your own hair. That is what makes the results so natural-looking. The first step involves Dr. Cole using the NeoGraft system to remove healthy hair follicles from the donor site. This typically is the back of your head, where follicles are more resistant to balding.

  • Step2

    Precision Extraction

    NeoGraft technology ensures that each extracted follicle is the same size and length. This precision allows for consistent results.

  • Step3

    Recipient Site Creation

    Using his eye for aesthetic quality, Dr. Cole creates recipient sites. Each is chosen according to the natural patterns of your original hair.

  • Step4

    Placing the Hair Graft

    Once sorted by size, Dr. Cole transplants the follicles to the target areas of your scalp. Piece-by-piece, he strategically places them so that they ensure natural-looking results. Most patients will need only a single session to reach their goals. Others may need a few, depending on the number of follicles you need transplanted.

  • Step5

    Recovery and Results

    Within about ten days, the donor area will return to its normal look. Unlike previous methods, there is no strip scarring. As you follow Dr. Cole’s instructions, you will begin to see your results. The transplanted hair will fall out after some time, but this is part of the process. The follicles are what is important. These relocated follicles will begin to grow their own hair, filling your scalp with natural hair that is 100% yours.

Hair Transplant Recovery

Immediately following the procedure, the scalp will be very tender and sensitive. Prescribed pain medications can help alleviate this for a few days.

Overall, the downtime is quite brief. Most patients can return to work and daily life after 2-5 days, however patients should avoid any strenuous activities for a full 7 days after surgery. Patients should plan on taking a week off of work if their responsibilities require heavy lifting, bending or other straining.

Hair Transplant Results

New hair growth will begin to be appareant around 2-3 weeks after the procedure. It is common for your transplanted hair will fall out normally.

The purpose of a hair transplant is to provide a healthy hair follicle that will continue to grow for the years to come. During your recovery, it is common for the initial hair that has been transplanted to fall out, with the follicle remaining to create new growth naturally.

Is a Hair Restoration Procedure Right For Me?

Below is a list of factors that might make you an ideal candidate for a Neograft procedure.

  • Aged between 25-65 years
  • Been experiencing hair loss for at least 3-5 continuous years
  • Be in good health and have a robust immune system
  • Sufficient supply of healthy follicles for use as donors

Hair type is also taken into consideration. Light hair or curly hair can be challenging to work with, however there might be other options available to you beyond NeoGraft. Patients younger than 25 might still be considered, but generally, hair loss at such a young age is premature. There is always a chance that the hair loss is temporary.

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