A Chalazion is small, and often slow-growing, lump or cyst that develops within the eyelid that is usually the result of a blocked oil gland. Although common in the upper eyelid, they do also grow on the lower. These growths can cause the eye to become watery and/or mildly irritated. In some cases, a chalazion can apply pressure on the eyeball, which can lead to blurry vision.

Surgery Can Help

  • Remove the lump or growth, returning the eyelid to its natural look
  • Relieve pressure on the eyeball that is caused by the chalazion
  • Improve irritation or watering that is a result of the chalazion

How is Surgery Performed?

Patients should come see Dr. Cole once they have already seen an ophthalmologist for this matter, as often time a chalazion can be addressed with warm compresses or prescribed ointment. If these treatments have been ineffective, Dr. Cole is able to perform a surgical solution. During surgery, Dr. Cole begins by administering a local anesthetic to the area once it is cleansed and ready for surgery. A small incision is then made at the back of the eyelid, and the chalazion is removed. The incision area is then cauterized closed so that there are no sutures to be removed later.