Hair Restoration (NeoGraft)

NeoGraft Hair Restoration

Losing your hair can prove detrimental to not only your appearance but also your self-confidence. An estimated 80 million men and women suffer from the debilitating effects of hair loss, making it a common and prominent issue among people everywhere. Unfortunately, the effects of aging and genetics can create an unavoidable loss of hair. Thankfully, hair restoration has only grown in its effectiveness in recent years.

At Cole Aesthetic Center, board-certified Dr. Eric A. Cole offers natural and effective hair restoration using the FDA-approved NeoGraft automated system. With NeoGraft technology, Dr. Cole and his skilled staff can perform follicular unit excision, also known as follicular unit extraction or FUE—the most advanced hair restoration method currently available—under the precision of an automated system. By combining NeoGraft and years of experience performing hair restoration, Dr. Cole can help you rebuild your hairline and your self-confidence.

How Does NeoGraft Hair Restoration Work?

Current hair restoration methods work by harvesting hair from dense areas of the scalp and transplanting them into balding sections of hair. Follicular unit transplantation (FUT), commonly referred to as the strip harvesting technique, provides successful hair restoration at the cost of a painful recovery, linear incision and longer procedure. FUE has emerged in recent years as the gold standard for hair transplantation, as it allows physicians to harvest hair follicles individually using a handheld punch device, rather than removing an entire strip of skin.

NeoGraft uses the principles laid out by the FUE procedure in a much more precise method. The handheld NeoGraft motorized device removes and stores follicular units, reducing the amount of contact physicians have with the donor follicles. The follicles can then be directly implanted into the targeted areas of the scalp with minimal handling. As a result, the survival rate of donor follicles for the average patient is 95 percent, higher than the traditional FUE method.

Who Is a Good Candidate for NeoGraft Hair Restoration?

Good candidates for NeoGraft hair restoration are adult men and women who suffer from age-related hair loss. Hair loss affects both men and women, although it tends to have a larger effect on adult men. During aging, the body produces more of the male androgen dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which has been identified as the cause of hair loss. While much of the information surrounding hair loss is still under research, DHT is known to gradually weaken hair follicles until they stop producing hair altogether.

For unknown reasons, the hair located along the sides and back of the scalp are more resistant to the effects of DHT than follicles found on the top of the scalp. These resilient follicles can be harvested and transplanted into balding areas of the scalp to recreate the appearance of a thick, full head of hair using natural means. For this reason, patients interested in NeoGraft hair restoration will need to have an abundance of viable donor follicles in the back of the scalp to provide the necessary amount for restoration.

Patients who have already undergone a strip removal hair restoration procedure also make great candidates for NeoGraft hair restoration. The noticeable lack of hair growth surrounding the strip removal scar can prove bothersome to many patients, especially those who like to keep their hair short. NeoGraft can be used to perform minor restoration around the strip harvesting site and hide any visible scarring.

How Is NeoGraft Hair Restoration Performed?

NeoGraft hair restoration is completed using local anesthesia to ensure the patient remains comfortable throughout the duration of the procedure. Dr. Cole may also provide sedation upon request, although patients will then need to arrange for transportation home. Once the patient’s scalp has been numbed, Dr. Cole will use the NeoGraft device to remove the necessary number of donor grafts to achieve the patient’s desired results. The donor follicular units contain one to four hairs each, and Dr. Cole will only remove enough as is necessary to create satisfying results.

Once the harvesting portion of the procedure is complete, Dr. Cole will then begin implanting the donor follicles into the front and top of the scalp with precision. Dr. Cole takes great care to harvest and transplant follicles that will mimic the surrounding hair growth once they have been implanted, creating natural and seamless results. The overall length of the procedure will vary depending on each patient’s needs, but NeoGraft hair restoration can take as little as three hours.

What Is the Downtime for NeoGraft Hair Restoration?

Following a hair restoration procedure, patients are free to immediately return home and even resume working the very next day, if desired. Most patients prefer to take a couple days to one week off from work to allow time for their scalps to heal and for noticeable side effects to diminish. As a minimally invasive procedure, NeoGraft hair restoration does not require an overly long period of downtime or result in many side effects.

Common side effects from the procedure include scalp redness, soreness, swelling and mild bleeding. Sleeping with an elevated head for the first few nights will help minimize swelling and increase the survival rate of the grafts. Patients will also need to avoid touching their newly-transplanted hair, as the grafts are vulnerable to become dislodged during the first few weeks of recovery.

The transplanted grafts will begin shedding their hair about two weeks after the procedure, which is a natural and expected part of the hair restoration process. The follicles will then enter a period of dormancy as they settle into their new locations and receive vital nutrients from the scalp. Most patients can expect to see some hair growth in three to six months, although truly visible growth may not be apparent until nine months after the procedure.

Final results will develop over the course of 12 to 18 months as all of the dormant follicles begin producing hair. The puncture marks from the NeoGraft device will not leave noticeable scarring, although they might create tiny dot discolorations that will be easily covered by surrounding hair growth. Following final results, patients can expect to enjoy their new, thicker, more youthful hair for many years to come.

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At Cole Aesthetic Center, Dr. Cole and our expert staff want you to love the way you look. We understand how difficult and debilitating losing your hair can be, especially when it is tied to your personal identity and overall self-confidence. With NeoGraft hair restoration, we can help restore your hair under one minimally invasive procedure with little to no downtime.

To learn more about NeoGraft hair restoration, call Cole Aesthetic Center today at 360-613-2600 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Cole.


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