If you have lines, furrow, and wrinkles on your forehead, a brow lift may be able to help. Whether this lines are the result of heredity or aging, a brow lift (or forehead lift) can readjust the position of your brow line, smooth your forehead and achieve a more alert, relaxed, and youthful look. Dr. Eric Cole and his team pride themselves in offering excellence in Facial Plastic Surgery in Seattle in a professional environment while maintaining a highly personal touch.

Do People Think You’re Annoyed, Even When You’re Not?

Forehead wrinkles can give others the impression that you are feeling angry, tired, worried, and simply not at your best. Even when that’s not the case!

Your forehead is one of the most expressive parts of your face, second only to your eyes. But as we age, our skin loses elasticity, the brow begins to droop and the corrugator muscles in your forehead overcompensate, trying to hold your eyelids up.

This leads to:

  • Deep furrows in your forehead
  • Heavy, drooping eyebrows
  • Sagging, hood-like skin over your eyes

If you are seeing some of these in your face, a brow lift can help smooth your features and lift the “harsh” expression. Many patients tell us that a brow lift helps them look as young as they feel on the inside.

What Can I Expect During the Brow Lift Procedure?

Dr. Cole performs brow lifts using a local anesthesia, with a mild sedative to keep you comfortable and at ease.

The technique he uses is post-trichial: involving a few small incisions just inside the hairline. He removes the excess skin, gently lifts the facial muscles underneath, smooths out the wrinkles and opens up the area above your eyelids.

Dr. Cole can also perform an eyelid lift, face lift and/or neck lift at the same time to provide a more dramatic result. We provide discounts when you get multiple treatments done at one time. You can also add an injectable like Botox or Dysport to help.

Afterward, most of our patients feel better in just a few days. The sutures will last for two weeks, during which time you’ll notice some bruising and swelling. For the month following, we recommend you avoid strenuous activity or intense sun exposure.

Feel like yourself again with a brow lift. To schedule a consultation, complete the contact form to the right, or call us at 360.613.2600.


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