Ear gauging has been a popular style for a number of years now, which would also explain the rise in requests for earlobe repair plastic surgeons is now receiving. As is the case with many fashions that appeal to the younger set, age and changing lifestyles can send many seeking a whole new look as they transition from school to career. Dr. Cole at Cole Aesthetic Center offers a number of reasons why now is a good time to consider earlobe repair.

Solutions to a Variety of Concerns

While earlobe repair is commonly performed to eliminate the enlarged holes due to gauging, there are other reasons to consider earlobe repair as well. You may have a lobe that is torn or stretched from wearing heavy earrings. Some patients also seek surgical repair for lobes that have become deformed due to a birth defect or injury. No matter what the reason for the repair might be, the goal of the procedure is to create symmetrical, well-shaped earlobes that you don’t feel the need to hide behind scarves or your hairstyle.

Quick Procedure, Fast Recovery

In most cases, earlobe repair is a relatively quick procedure that can be performed using local anesthetic. Our general process is to remove the gauges and give the lobes about 12 weeks to shrink prior surgery to make the procedure a bit easier to perform. However, surgery can also be performed upon removal of the gauges if the patient prefers, making it a slightly longer and more complex surgery overall. Recovery from earlobe repair is also fairly fast and painless. Most patients are able to return to their regular schedules within a few hours after the procedure. Sutures placed during the procedure are typically removed within about one week.

Allows for Smoother Career Transitions

Individuals that find the gauges quite stylish during their high school and college years may find it’s a different story once they try to enter the professional world. Despite a greater social acceptance for a variety of piercings, gauging, and body art, there are still plenty of industries that frown upon those styles for their own employees. If you find you are not getting the job (or the promotion) you are looking for, perhaps earlobe repair is a viable consideration.

Increases Self-Confidence

Those gauges that looked so “cool” in your younger years may be much less attractive as you mature. You may begin to feel self-conscious about your decision to gauge your earlobes, particularly if your current social or professional circle doesn’t adhere to the same styles. Earlobe repair is a good way to restore the original appearance of your ears and provide you with the self-confidence necessary to transition into your next phase of life.

Ability to Re-Pierce Ears

In most cases of earlobe repair, the ear can be re-pierced once it heals completely from the surgery. This means you can go back to wearing jewelry in your ear if you choose. While this is particularly beneficial for those seeking repair due to damage caused by jewelry, earlobe repair for gauging also allows the individual to enjoy a wider variety of jewelry options in the future.

Earlobe repair is one of many aesthetic procedures offered by Dr. Cole at Cole Aesthetic Center. The procedure is relatively quick, painless, and offers dramatic aesthetic results for some patients. To learn more about this procedure, contact Cole Aesthetic Center today at 360.613.2600.

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