Your eyes are often the first thing people notice when they look at you. While each person has a uniquely different look to their eyes, there are two main eye shapes–monolids and double eyelids. You may wonder, what are monolids and double eyelids? Below you will find more information about the unique difference between the two shapes.

What Are Monolids and Double Eyelids?

Your eyelid structure has a unique shape and are often categorized as monolids or double eyelids. Consider the differences between the two eyelid shapes.


Monolids, also referred to as an “epicanthic folds,” are skin folds on your upper eyelid. Unlike double eyelids, monolids don’t have a visible crease line below your brow. Because of this, it appears more like a single eyelid.

Double Eyelids:

Double eyelids are different from monolids as they are characterized by a crease. The crease essentially doubles over your eyelid which results in a lining on the eyelid. Some have more of a deep crease as compared to others so double eyelid eye shapes are often uniquely different.

Makeup for Your Eye Shape

Highlighting your eyes with makeup can dramatically transform your look. This is true no matter what your eyelid shape is. Once you have determined which eye shape you have, consider the following makeup tips to make your eyes pop even more.

Monolid Makeup Tips

Makeup can enhance your look and boost your confidence. Try the following tips for monolids as they will highlight your natural eye shape.

  • Primer: Invest in a quality primer to help keep your makeup in place. Sometimes monolids are more susceptible to makeup smudges so it’s important to lock your makeup into place.
  • Longwear Makeup: Just like with primer, it’s best to choose longwear makeup. Makeup eventually oxidizes, so it’s important to ensure that it doesn’t move or smudge around your eye.
  • Crease Carving: If you want to create a creased look, use cool-toned matte eye colors that are slightly darker than your skin tone. Apply your eyeshadow just below your brow bone so the color is visible when your eyes are open.

Double Eyelid Makeup Tips

Depending on how deep your crease is, there are a number of tricks to enhance the look of your double eyelids.

  • Primer: Just like this with monolids, it’s helpful to find a quality primer. Those with a more shallow crease and hooded eyelids can benefit from primer as it will ensure your makeup and eyeliner doesn’t smudge.
  • Eyelashes: Play with your eyelashes to enhance the look of your double eyelids. Double eyelids tend to look heavier so drawing attention to your eyelids can open up your eyes making them look more lifted.
  • Eyeshadow Placement: Apply gradient eyeshadow horizontally using a light, medium, and dark color. Use the light color in the inner corner of your eye and transition to darker shades as you move to the outside corner. This can open up your eyes, making them look bright and awake.

Double Eyelid Crease Surgery

While there are helpful makeup tips to help you achieve your desired look, they are only temporary. Cosmetic surgery in Silverdale can provide a more long-term solution. If you are unhappy with the look of your eyes, consider double eyelid crease surgery in Seattle. The procedure can create a double eyelid, rejuvenate the look of your eyes, and even improve your vision. Double eyelid crease surgery can add depth and definition to your eyes to achieve your desired facial aesthetic.

The first step is scheduling a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate. Avoid waiting and contact Dr. Eric Cole at Cole Aesthetic Center. He has helped countless patients restore their look. Contact the team today to schedule a consultation!

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