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What Are Asymmetrical Eyes?

Asymmetry can occur in nearly every part of our bodies. Many of us have a leg that is longer than the other. Or we have a tooth that is out of line. Even being right or left-handed is a form of asymmetry. Situations where one side of our body does not quite match the other are entirely normal. However, when one eye does not match the other, we might feel a sense of imbalance. When this happens, it can begin to affect our quality of life. But, Cole Aesthetic Center offers a means of helping address these concerns: asymmetrical eye surgery.

Causes of Asymmetrical Eyes

As our bodies develop, there are quite a few differences that can occur on either side. Even our lungs are naturally different shapes. Absolutely perfect symmetry is quite rare. When it comes to eye symmetry, there are a few reasons they might be different.


Our genes determine how every part of our body develops. But, the system is far from perfect. All it takes is one minor genetic alteration, and you can end up with surprising differences.

Asymmetrical eyes tend to be passed down, though they might be more or less noticeable in other members of your family. One eye simply develops differently from the other.

Injury or Trauma

Damage to the eye can also result in an uneven look. All it takes is a single blow that harms the muscles and fibers around your eye, and you could end up with a pair of asymmetrical eyes. Illness or infection around the eye area could also be a cause.


It’s no secret that our bodies change their appearance as we age. We lose tissue and fat in certain areas, with our eye area being one of them. You might begin experiencing ptosis in one eye sooner than another, resulting in a single drooping eye.

Asymmetrical Eye Treatment Options

The treatment for asymmetrical eyes depends on what is the cause of the imbalance. Some cases can be treated with non-surgical fillers. At other times, surgery is the only way to deliver the results you want. Below are several asymmetrical eyes surgeries that can help restore balance to your face.

Brow Lift

brow lift is a relatively quick outpatient surgery. During the procedure, everything is the same as a normal brow lift, except adjustments have been made to balance out the skin around your eyes.


Blepharoplasty focuses specifically on the skin of the eyelid. Also called eyelid surgery, it requires a skilled surgeon to provide balance to your facial features.

Orbital Surgery

Orbital surgery focuses on the bone of the eye socket. It is more invasive and demands a more extended recovery period.

Am I a Candidate for Asymmetrical Eye Surgery

Determining whether you should treat your eyes surgically or non-surgically can be a tough decision. Below, we’ve included a few factors that might point toward an asymmetrical eye surgery being your solution.

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The Muscle Is Weakened

If the muscle that holds up your eyelid is weakened, then fillers won’t be able to correct it. Instead, you’ll need Dr. Cole to do one of two things. Either he can move the muscle to a new location where it can better grip the eyelid. Or, he can adjust the skin to a tighter position.

Fatty Deposits

If excess fat deposits cause the asymmetry, then surgery might be your best option. Removing or reshaping those deposits is key to restoring your eyes to a similar shape and size.

General Qualifications for Asymmetrical Eye Surgery

There are a few parameters we set for surgery in general. We recommend that patients be in good health. Surgery can take a toll on the body, and being in good health ensures better healing and better results.

Avoid smoking. Being a smoker isn’t a disqualification. However, we strongly advise that patients stay away from tobacco in the weeks leading up to the surgery. And that they continue to do so during the healing period.

Lastly, we want our patients to have healthy expectations. Knowing what is within the realm of possibility is crucial to being satisfied with your surgery’s outcome.

Asymmetrical Eyes Surgery Seattle

Having any imbalance of features can lead to struggles with self-confidence and being displeased with your appearance. At Cole Aesthetic Center, our goal is to provide our patients with treatments that match their needs and leave them feeling more like their true selves.

If asymmetrical eyes have been affecting your quality of life, schedule a consultation today. Dr. Cole, a top plastic surgeon, and his team of professionals are excited to work with you every step of the way. During your consultation, Dr. Cole will discuss your goals and how you can best achieve them. He’ll work with you to put together a personalized treatment plan that matches your individual needs. Call us today to take the first step in restoring balance to your features. Our Silverdale office is available at 360.613.2600 and our Sequim office can be reached at 360.613.2600.

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