Diet and exercise are, of course, crucial to good health and good looks. But in some cases, even a healthy lifestyle may not get rid of a tummy bulge or other stubborn areas that resist all of your hard work.

Saddle bags, love handles, a double chin… if you’re concerned about localized body fat, consider tumescent liposuction at Cole Aesthetic Center.

“I eat well, I exercise – but I just can’t slim down!”

For adults, body fat tends to accumulate gradually over the years, especially after age 30. From this point on, it’s normal to develop fat here and there, according to your genetics. For most of us, it tends to accumulate in certain areas. These areas of stubborn fat include:

  • Chin and Neck
  • Upper arms
  • Abdomen and Back
  • Waist, Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Inner and Outer Thighs
  • Male Breasts

Fat in these parts of your body can prove very resistant to lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise, hanging on despite your best efforts. The good news is that when fat cells are removed through a process like tumescent liposuction, they don’t grow back. True, your body will continue to change with age, but as long as you don’t gain weight excessively after your liposuction, your new body shape is here to stay.

Our Approach

Dr. Cole received his training in tumescent liposuction from Dr. Jeffrey Klein, who invented the procedure. Your liposuction will be performed on site, in our accredited operating room.

After administering a local anesthetic, Dr. Cole applies a gentle suction to your skin using a micro-cannula (a tiny stainless steel tube), aspirating excess fat through tiny incisions.

The use of local anesthetic resolves one of the most common concerns people have about liposuction; it eliminates the need for general anesthesia. Also, because its effect lasts many hours, less pain medication afterward is typically needed. Blood loss, too, is insignificant, due to a small amount of epinephrine that temporarily shrinks the blood vessels.

As a result of these components, tumescent liposuction is safer than the traditional method of liposuction, with the same or better results. Generally, our patients can go home directly after the procedure, and get back to work faster. In most cases, recovery takes just 2-3 days (instead of 1-3 weeks with traditional liposuction). And since the procedure is performed on-site, it costs less, too.

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