Neck Lift

What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift is a surgical procedure that removes the excess skin and fat around the jawline. It creates a more defined and vibrant look. Various factors can make one’s neck look older, including smoking, stress, genetics, and natural aging. Aging causes the muscles to weaken and skin to lose its elasticity. Because of this, the skin is unable to stay tight, firm, and wrinkle-free. A neck lift can help you look more youthful as it creates a more defined jawline free from sagging skin.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Natural aging is inevitable, but it doesn’t mean you have to let it show. A lift is a great option for those who want to freshen up their look. For those who experience any of the following, you may be the right candidate for surgery.

  • Excess fat in the lower face area
  • Skin sagging near the jawline
  • Loose skin
  • Muscle banding in the neck area

If you have been considering the procedure and experience the symptoms above, it may be right for you. The best candidates are non-smokers who are in good health. Also, you’ll need to be within 10 pounds of your goal weight to ensure the results are effective and long-lasting. Contact Dr. Cole for a consultation today!


Begin by scheduling an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Cole. At the consultation, it’s essential to communicate your expectations. Dr. Cole will be able to give you his expert opinion and manage your expectations. At the consultation, you will have a physical examination, discuss your medical history, and any prior surgeries that you have had. You will also need to let your doctor know of any medications you are currently taking.

Before surgery, you’ll need to follow the medication instructions given to you by Dr. Cole and his team. You may need to reduce or stop taking certain medications. You will be given specialized instructions to follow in preparation for the procedure.

What Happens During the Procedure?

You will be put under general anesthesia and be completely asleep for the entire procedure. This is to ensure that you are comfortable, relaxed, and experience no pain during the procedure. There are multiple types of procedural options for a neck lift.

Traditional Neck Lift

Traditional Neck Lift is often done at the same time as a full facelift. During this procedure, Dr. Cole separates the skin on your neck from the underlying tissue until the muscle is exposed. He pulls the muscles in the neck upward and secures them to the bone behind the ear. This involves a small incision on the front of your ear. If this is the only procedure, Dr. Cole will close up the incisions with sutures.

Direct Excision with Z-Plasty or W-Plasty

This type of lift procedure is most often performed on men, but it can be done on some women if they are a good candidate for it. This procedure removes the sagging skin, muscle, and fat from the front of the neck. The incision is closed into a “Z” or “W” shape. This type of incision usually heals well and is hidden in the natural creases of your neck.

Neck Liposuction

In addition to the lifts, one can get neck liposuction in the neck area. Unlike the lifts, this is a non-surgical procedure. During the procedure, the patient is injected with a local anesthetic that temporarily reduces the size of the blood cells. This results in less bleeding and bruising, but also increases the thickness of the skin. Small tubes are then inserted into tiny incisions in the neck (both sides), allowing for the fat to be removed. After the incisions are closed, you’ll notice a smoother and more contoured appearance.

What Is the Downtime for a Neck Surgery?

Depending on your specific procedure, your downtime will be different. If you are getting a traditional lift, you will need roughly two weeks to rest and recuperate. It will take around three weeks to get back to your regular daily routine. If you are getting liposuction, you can get back to your daily routine within two to three days. Dr. Cole and his staff will provide you with the information specialized for your healing process.

How Long Will It Last?

Depending on the person, results will vary. The procedure can take years off of one’s appearance. However, it does not stop the aging process. Continuing to take good care of your skin after surgery helps. Cleansing and moisturizing, using SPF, avoiding direct sunlight, not smoking, and keeping stress levels down is important. Maintaining your weight is also a critical post-surgery step. This will stretch your skin and impact your results.

Neck Lift Seattle

Dr. Cole is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon. He is an expert in today’s most advanced and state-of-the-art techniques in enhancement and rejuvenation. Dr. Cole began the Cole Aesthetic Center to help his patients embrace their aesthetic possibilities and become more confident in their everyday lives. Contact Dr. Cole at Cole Aesthetic Center for a consultation today!


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