Age spots, sunspots, liver spots, whatever you call them, these flat, dark blemishes are a normal frustration for people who want their skin to stay clear and healthy for years to come. As we get older, sunspots start showing up on our face, neck, and hands; they can be especially bothersome for those who have a fair complexion, to begin with.

You probably already know that UV rays cause other types of damage, too: fine lines, sagging skin, wrinkles. But did you know that these symptoms can all be addressed with the same therapy?

How can I get rid of sunspots?

Broadband Light Therapy (BBL) is the most effective way to get rid of sunspots.

At Cole Aesthetic Center, we use innovative BBL technology to reverse the signs of damage caused by aging and sun exposure, effectively turning back the clock for your skin.

How does it work? With photo-thermal energy (a combination of light and heat), our BBL laser warms the upper layers of your skin, smoothing and blending your built-up melanin for a more even skin tone. Because it’s extremely precise, Broadband Light Therapy can address even the smallest blemishes: removing the visible blood vessels on the surface of your face, for example.

And BBL doesn’t just get rid of sunspots – it simultaneously stimulates the deeper layers of your skin, triggering your body to produce more collagen. That’s right; our BBL treatments will increase your skin’s production of the structural protein directly responsible for firm, flexible, wrinkle-free skin.

The result? Supple skin that’s clear, healthy, and youthful

  • Restore the smoothness and softness of your skin
  • Reveal the beauty hidden beneath the blemishes
  • Revive your complexion for clear, healthy skin

BBL involves no downtime, and results begin to appear immediately. Make your appointment today, and lock in that discount!

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