Asian eyelid surgery is a specialized type of plastic surgery that is gaining in popularity both in Asia and countries around the globe. Let’s look at some Asian eyelid surgery facts and statistics.

Asian Eyelid Surgery Facts and Statistics

Like many operations in plastic surgery, it is also constantly evolving. It continues to become more refined as the medical community hones in on its techniques.

Are you interested in receiving this type of procedure for yourself? Then take a look at this overview of some of the relevant statistics and facts that surround this fascinating procedure.

Asian Eyelid Surgery Basics

Asian eyelid surgery is similar to standard eyelid surgery but with a set of techniques and practices that are specifically aimed at modifying the unique features of the Asian eye.

Rather than looking to take away or diminish these beautiful features, Asian eyelid surgery seeks to accent them in ways that display them in a more striking manner.

This is achieved by implanting a crease where there wasn not one before. Ultimately, this results in the eyes appearing larger and more open.

Unexpected Demographics

Unlike standard eyelid surgery, which is mostly performed on those of advancing years, Asian eyelid surgery is typically performed on a younger demographic.

Based on recent data, more individuals seeking out Asian eyelid surgery are in their 30’s. And a significant amount fall within patients in between the age of 18-39.

The data also supports that most patients are happier with their results if they receive treatment after getting the surgery after the age of 25.

Young Patients Aiding Innovation

Many of the patients who come seeking Asian eyelid surgery come from a younger demographic. Accordingly, research has found that their tastes and aesthetic desires have lent themselves to driving innovations in technique for the procedure.

One element that contributes to this is that younger patients typically want cosmetic surgeries to result in as little scarring as possible. In addition, they typically want to spend as little time in their recovery period as possible.

What this has resulted in is doctors utilizing smaller incision methods in order to satisfy this demand, which successfully resulted in reduced scarring and shorter recovery downtimes.

More Youthful Benefits

Asian eyelid surgery can be enjoyed by patients of all adult ages. But science has shown us that there are certain benefits that can be enjoyed for longer by younger patients. That is, patients in their 20s and 30s.

Some of these benefits include things like the following:

  • More dynamic facial expressions
  • Improved field of vision
  • Durable results
  • More options for makeup
  • Reduced signs of aging
  • Enhanced eye shape and proportions
  • Improved symmetry
  • The appearance of longer lashes

Although still relatively young, patients in their 30s are the most common recipient of this type of treatment. This because oftentimes the period where the subtle signs of aging start to creep in happen here.

In addition, the eyelid area is often one of the first areas of the body that begins to exhibit these subtle signs.

Old and Young Alike

Eyelid surgery can be enjoyed by patients of all ages. Although there are some factors to take into consideration when undergoing treatment.

In general, on the younger end, it’s best to wait until the age of 18 to seek out medical treatment of any kind. Before that, the body is still in a heavy stage of development.

Patients in their elder years may also receive Asian eyelid surgery. Although the chance for some element of slight modification or adjustment goes up significantly when chronic health issues are introduced.

Medical Screening and Consultation

Overall, you can get a clearer picture of whether or not you’re a good candidate for Asian eyelid surgery during your medical screening and pre-surgical consultation.

During this time, elements such as your personal health, history of surgeries, and family health history will be discussed. This is also your opportunity to describe to your physician your specific set of aesthetic goals.

Depending on the elements of your personal medical situation, your physician may also have a set of recommendations for you to enact prior to heading to surgery. That being said, most healthy patients will qualify for the procedure.

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