Beauty standards are different all over the world due to cultural values and trends. From body shape and weight to facial features and skin tone, each culture and country has their own unique standard of beauty. However, one of the universal standards of beauty involves facial symmetry. You may wonder, why are symmetrical faces attractive?

Why Are Symmetrical Faces Attractive?

Facial symmetry is one measure of bodily symmetry. Research has shown that both men and women prefer faces that are symmetrical as it is seen as beautiful and attractive. However, the attraction is not only romantic. People also gravitate towards friends and allies who have symmetrical faces. While the reason that people prefer symmetrical faces is not fully understood, scientists have concluded that it may correlate to good genetics and health. Despite this assumption from an evolutionary perspective, there is no correlation between health and facial symmetry.

When it comes to facial symmetry and attractiveness, perfection is not necessary. This is because only 2% of the world’s population has true facial symmetry. Facial symmetry is desired, but a completely symmetric face is not seen as normal and has the opposite effect on people. This clearly shows the fine line between the visual preference for facial symmetry and perfect symmetry.

Eye Symmetry

Unlike the rest of your face, your eyes are uniquely distinct on each side of your face. This is unlike your lips and your nose as they are connected along the horizontal planes of your face. Eye symmetry is seen as attractive as your eyes are often the first thing someone sees on your face.

Eye Shape Factors

Asymmetrical eyes are eyes that are not the same shape, size, or level as each other and they are very common. With that, there are a variety of causes that can contribute to eye asymmetry. Below are some of the common causes of asymmetrical eyes.

  • Genetics: Family history and genetics can play a role in whether you have uneven eyes. If you notice that your close family members also have uneven eyes, it may be due to genetics.
  • Aging: There is a clear link between aging and an increase in facial asymmetry. As you age the soft tissue in your face relaxes and the cartilage continues to grow. This can cause the asymmetry in your eyes.
  • Lifestyle Factors: Certain habits and lifestyle factors can cause uneven eyes. Smoking, excess sun exposure, and chronic fatigue can all accelerate the aging process and impact the symmetry of your face.
  • Trauma: Facial trauma caused by an accident or injury can cause damage to your eye area. This trauma can result in eye asymmetry.

Treatment for Asymmetrical Eyes

If you are unhappy with the look of your uneven eyes, asymmetrical eyes surgery in Seattle can provide you with effective results. The procedure can help remove excess skin that is drooping and causing unevenness, improve your vision, and help you achieve a more youthful aesthetic. Uneven eyes can impact your self-confidence and inhibit your daily life in some cases. However, the procedure is highly effective as it removes excess fat and skin that leads to drooping eyelids. It also tightens the eye muscles, which can provide a more uniform, even look. Patients often report an increase in their self-confidence after the procedure due to the major impact it has on their appearance.

Instead of living with uneven or drooping eyes, contact a medical professional experienced in the procedure. The first step is scheduling a consultation to be sure the procedure is right for you. Contact the experts at Cole Aesthetic Center in Seattle today and take the first step towards getting your confidence back.

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