Facelifts can be one of the best ways to refresh your look and resolve issues of deep lines, furrows, and sagging skin. The procedure is ideal for patients from age 30-60, who want a fresh and youthful appearance. However, some hesitate to take advantage of this procedure due to concerns about visible signs of recovery.

While these signs are an inevitable effect of any surgery, here are a few simple measures you can take to keep them to a minimum.

Post-facelift recovery tips

Follow post-op care instructions.

Be sure to follow your daily incision-care routine, and any other post-op care instructions given by Dr. Cole. Taking good care of the area will help alleviate discomfort and ensure a speedy and successful recovery. Though your skin may feel tight and itchy, try to avoid rubbing or touching it to give it the best chance to heal.

Get plenty of rest.

Rest is your body’s opportunity to repair tissue and recuperate. Make sure you’re getting a full eight hours of sleep every night, and make every attempt to rest in the 2-3 weeks following your surgery. Also, when sleeping, try to elevate your head more than normal. This will help to drain fluids and reduce swelling more quickly.

Keep your blood flowing.

Although it’s important to get plenty of rest while you recover, that doesn’t mean staying in bed all day. Low-key activities like mild stretching or light housework will get your body moving, and maximizing circulation helps you heal more quickly. (Be sure not to exert yourself, and in particular, do not bend over and pick up heavy objects. Try to avoid doing anything that causes a rush of blood to the face.)

Practice sun safety.

As your incisions heal, they may appear pink or light red and will be sensitive to the effects of sunlight. Limit your time in the sun and cover up whenever possible – as prolonged exposure can be detrimental to your skin.

Avoid unhealthy habits.

Drinking and smoking restrict circulation and prevent oxygen from getting to the blood, which can impede healing and may keep incisions from fading away. Drink plenty of fluids, and keep a balanced and nutritious diet to heal as quickly and as well as possible.

Cover up.

Most patients are able to return to work and social activities 2-3 weeks after a facelift. Occasionally, small bruises can persist longer than that, but there are several ways to conceal scars while they continue to heal.*

  • Women can wear their hair down
  • Men can grow a beard
  • Wear a turtleneck or scarf

*Due to the risk of infection, no cosmetics should be used until approved by Dr. Cole.


Facelifts can be the perfect way to combat facial changes due to aging, or just refresh your look altogether. You can learn more about the facelift procedure by watching our video. So employ these tips toward a speedy and successful recovery, and experience a brand new you.

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