At some point, everyone begins to notice lines around the mouth and hollowness under the eyes. These are some of the first signs of age. But have you ever wondered where they come from?

Loss of muscle tone is partly to blame. However, the primary reason is because of age-related changes. As the years progress, the layer of facial fat pads begin to sag, hiding the natural definition of your cheek bones, while also creating a droopy fold between your tear trough and the corner of your mouth. This droop exposes the sag of your lower eyelid, making appear larger. Combined with an overall loss of volume, your face – especially your cheek area – begins to look more hollow.

A mid-face lift can remedy this hollowness, creating a fuller appearance in your face. It’s a surgical procedure that repositions the fat in your cheeks higher on your bones to restore the natural curves and youthful fullness of the face. A mid-face lift also raises the outer edges of your eyebrows and smoothes the creases around the corners of your mouth. For more dramatic results, it can be performed alongside an eyelid lift, a neck lift or a brow lift.

How does a mid-face lift work?

The mid-face lift consists of an incision in your scalp near your temples (hidden by your hair), and another hidden inside your mouth, under the upper lip. By gently repositioning the tissue in your cheeks, it restores the natural prominence of your cheek bones, smoothes the folds that have appeared underneath, and improves the hollowness of your tear trough.

Usually Dr. Cole applies light sedation for a mid-face lift, but this procedure can be performed with local anesthetic and mild sedative instead. As with a standard face lift, the sutures will remain in place for up to two weeks, with some bruising and swelling to be expected; most patients are back to normal within three weeks, and start to feel better within the first several days.

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