It’s the small things that matter. One of us might be frustrated by drooping eyelids. Another might be displeased with persistent brow wrinkles. Yet another might be negatively affected by how our neck ages our overall appearance. These are all within the realm of what Accutite by InMode is designed to treat.

Dr. Cole at Cole Aesthetic Center is proud to now offer Accutite as a non-surgical option for patients. This revolutionary new treatment can target multiple areas, resulting in a rejuvenated and smooth appearance.

What is Accutite About?

Accutite is very similar to Facetite. It is a non-surgical method that is incredibly versatile in the areas it can treat. The goal is always the same though: smoother, tighter skin that lends you a younger, more lively appearance.

What’s unique about Accutite is that it can treat extremely small and fine areas such as the eyelids, and also larger areas such as the thighs or abdomen.

Using radiofrequency contraction, it encourages your body’s natural production of collagen. On top of that, it dissolves fat. The final result is skin that is both smoother and newly sculpted.


Accutite Target Areas

During your consultation with Dr. Cole, he will discuss your options and how to meet your needs. Depending on your unique goals, he’ll put together a personalized treatment plan that can focus on multiple areas.

Below is a list of the areas that Accutite can target:

Small Areas

  • Brow and forehead
  • Eyelids and around the eyes
  • Nasolabial folds (lines along your nose down to sides of your mouth)
  • Neck
  • Lower face

Larger Areas

  • Armpit edges
  • Arms (upper arms and hands)
  • Tummy area (abdomen)
  • Legs (thighs and knees)


The Process

The duration of your Accutite treatment can depend on which areas you plan to target. In any case, it is an extremely quick and convenient procedure. For some, it can last as short as 15 minutes and rarely goes beyond one hour.


Since Accutite is non-surgical, you will only need a local anesthetic. Most patients report feeling almost nothing during the entire treatment. If the thought of the procedure still gives you anxiety, speak with Dr. Cole. He can work with you to determine if there are any other measures we can take to make the experience maximally comfortable for you.

The Procedure

A small probe is inserted through a tiny incision at the target treatment area. The incision is so small that it won’t require stitches and will heal without scarring.

RF energy flows from the probe and through your skin to an electrode place on your skin’s surface. As the energy moves through your lower layers of skin, it liquefies fat cells and tightens collagen fibers. All at once, your skin is tightening and becoming smoother.

Results and Recovery

Immediately following the treatment, swelling and bruising at the target areas are normal. Compresses and ice can help keep this under control.

Most patients see swelling drop after only a few days, but larger areas might remain sensitive for a week or more.

We recommend taking about a week off work and avoiding strenuous activity during this time. You likely will feel back to your usual self after a couple days, but your body will still appreciate the time to heal. Giving yourself time to rest and relax will actually help improve the results.

When Will I See Results?

Right away. You’ll notice a change in your skin the same day as the procedure. However, these aren’t the final results. As your body heals from the thermal treatment, it will continue to produce new collagen.

This collagen production will continue to improve the appearance of your treated areas. Around six months, you can expect to see the peak of the results.

Am I a Candidate for Accutite?

Like other InMode RF treatments, we recommend an age range of about 30-60 years old. Older patients may still be candidates, though, so be sure to ask Dr. Cole during your consultation if Accutite is an option for you.

Individuals suffering from excessive sagging or drooping skin may benefit more from a surgical procedure. RF treatment is much more effective at addressing skin laxity before it progresses to a certain point.

Schedule a Consultation

Accutite is an excellent option for anyone who wants to rejuvenate their appearance while still avoiding surgery. You will be able to see significant improvement in skin tightness and shape in multiple areas of your body without ever going under the knife. Don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation today with Dr. Cole, plastic surgeon in Seattle.

He will work with you to provide a personalized treatment plan that matches your unique needs and goals. Every step of the way, he and his team strive to provide a comfortable and informed experience. They are glad to answer any questions you might have along the way. Call our Silverdale location or our Sequim location at 360.613.2600.


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