The signs of aging can impact the upper one-third of your face. This is especially true when it comes to the areas around your eyes. The skin around your eyes is much thinner, making it more susceptible to aging. This can include skin sagging, fine lines, wrinkles, volume loss, and skin texture issues. This can make you look tired and age you. A brow lift is an effective cosmetic procedure that can lift your brow and enhance your overall appearance. If you are thinking about getting cosmetic surgery, consider the following questions to ask at your brow lift consultation.

Questions to Ask at Your Brow Lift Consultation

The first step in moving forward with a brow lift is setting up a consultation with a skilled cosmetic surgeon. Be sure and ask your surgeon the following questions at your consultation.

What Are The Benefits Of A Brow Lift?

A brow lift in Silverdale can address the signs of aging on your forehead and brows. It can address fine lines and wrinkles across the forehead, the vertical “11” lines between the eyebrows, and sagging skin that creates hooded eyelids. Patients with heavy brows often look older, tired, and even grumpy. However, a brow lift can lift and rejuvenate your facial aesthetic.

Is A Brow LIft Considered Cosmetic Surgery?

Also referred to as a “forehead lift,” a brow lift reduces sagging and lifts the brows. This is done by removing the excess skin and tightening up the underlying tissues and muscles. It is considered cosmetic surgery in Silverdale, but the procedure is less invasive than many other cosmetic treatments. It’s important to talk with your surgeon about your expectations from the procedure as they may recommend another procedure. The results of a brow lift are amazing, but some opt for a full face lift if there are significant signs of aging on the lower portions of the face as well.

What About The Incisions?

Many patients are concerned about the incisions and scarring after a brow lift. The incisions are necessary to remove the excess skin and tighten up the underlying muscles and tissues beneath your skin’s surface. There are a number of surgical strategies as it pertains to the location of the incisions. This can depend on the technique used, your unique facial features, and whether or not you are getting multiple procedures at the same time. However, the incisions are strategically placed in locations that can easily conceal them so you don’t have obvious visible scarring. This will be discussed at your consultation so you are well aware before the day of your surgery.

Can I Combine Surgical Procedures?

Many patients decide to get multiple procedures at once. Many patients opt for eyelid surgery or dark circle treatment in combination with a brow lift. This can maximize your results and ensure you achieve your desired aesthetic. Additionally, it is beneficial to preserve your brow lift results by getting injectables after the procedure. A customized treatment plan will be created by your surgeon during your consultation.

How Long Is The Recovery Time?

Each patient is different, but the average recovery time for a brow lift is one to two weeks. Symptoms often include swelling, discomfort, and numbness. However, these are completely normal and should subside within the recovery period. Your surgeon will provide you with post-op instructions to ensure you are comfortable. This includes sleeping with your head elevated, using cold compresses, and taking your prescribed medications. Focusing on recovery is important to ensure optimal results. You will have a follow-up appointment within two weeks after your brow lift to monitor your recovery progress.

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