In an earlier post, we talked about the benefits of laser resurfacing (also called lasabrasion, or laser peel), a popular treatment that can improve and erase fine lines, sun damage, discoloration, acne scarring and wrinkles.

“My face, neck, chest and hands all have a younger, smoother look since having a laser peel. People have mistaken me for my daughter!” —Tammy C., Sciton Patient

Here are a few of the Peel Treatments we offer at Cole Aesthetic Center:

Whisper Peel

Our signature microderm abrasion, Whisper Peel is ideal for improving skin tone and refreshing skin texture. Expect 1-2 days of redness and peeling before seeing the full revitalization and smoothness of your results.

Velvet Peel

With our ProFractional laser, we treat thousands of points on the surface of your skin with great precision, leaving untouched tissue between points to encourage quick healing. A quick, comfortable pick-me-up for your appearance.

Revitalizing Peel

For more customized results, we can combine Whisper Peel and Velvet Peel for a multi-faceted approach tailored to your skin condition and goals.

Fresh Peel

Our own version of a single treatment microderm abrasion, this Fresh Peel delivers a mild ablation at 4-6 microns. This treatment is great for refreshing the look and feel of your skin. We may recommend anywhere from 1-4 treatments, and you may experience mild redness after your treatment.

MicroLaser Peel

The MicroLaser Peel is a deeper treatment with more dramatic effects, excellent for poor skin tone, fine lines, sun damage and wrinkles. Expect 2-5 days of redness and peeling before seeing your improved new look.

South Bay Peel

The South Bay Peel uses Broad Band Light to improve pigmentation, along with a MicroLaser Peel to address fine lines and skin texture. Expect 5-7 days of redness and peeling before your refreshed appearance emerges.

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