Whether due to the natural aging process or genetics, a common and frustrating outcome for many patients is a double chin. However, Kybella can solve this issue in a matter of weeks without the use of incisions typically seen in surgery. The entire process is more convenient and safer than surgery while still achieving stunning results.

At Cole Aesthetic Center, the patient’s goals are our number one priority and transformation is our main mission. Through our advanced practice, we ensure clear cosmetic results that leave our patients with a new sense of confidence. Call our office in Seattle to begin your journey toward your ideal aesthetic.

Kybella Can Help:

  • Permanently dissolve fat cells in the ‘double chin’ area
  • Revitalize your appearance with minimal downtime and a customized treatment plan


Kybella is an injectable treatment that is used to reduce what is called a “double chin.” Unfortunately, due to the way a double chin is formed, often exercise or diet alone do not effectively reduce the excess fat on the upper neck. Historically, surgery was the only way to get rid of this. With the addition of Kybella, transformative results will be seen with non-invasive injections.

Subcutaneous fat is the layer of fat that lays under the skin and is not visible from the outside. This leads to submental fullness, which is simply an accumulation of subcutaneous fat. When this becomes visually apparent, people tend to call it a double chin.’ Using Kybella allows you to reduce this fullness and replace it with toned definition.

Kybella’s active ingredient is Deoxycholic acid. This acid naturally occurs in the intestine located in the digestive system, and it assists in breaking down and absorbing the fat in our diets. The scientists who created Kybella produced a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, allowing it to imitate its properties in a desirable form.

Once injected into the lower chin the injectant emulates its work in the digestive system by destroying the fat cells in the area. Those fat cells that once stored the fat lose the ability to accumulate fat again. In other words, once Kybella has been injected, the results are permanent!  Dr. Eric A. Cole is excited to offer this treatment in the Seattle area.


Benefits include:

  • Efficient Effects
  • The entire injection procedure lasts for 15 to 20 minutes and positive lasting effects can be noticed after one treatment.

Lasting Results

  • Once the fat is reduced in the lower chin, it will be impossible for that fat to come back.
  • A permanent youthful looking jawline will take away any insecurities.

Painless and Non-Invasive

  • Compared to facial surgery with sutures and incisions, Kybella’s injections use small needles.
  • The doctor applies a topical anesthetic leaving the patient without any sort of discomfort at all.


As stressed earlier, the treatment is simply a series of small injections in the lower neck. Before being injected, Dr. Cole will sterilize the area with an alcohol wipe to reduce bacterial contamination. Then, a marking grid will be placed in the area to show where the injection sites will be. With a topical anesthetic administered, the injection occurs with little to no pain.

During your consultation, Dr. Cole will lay out a plan customized just for you. As every single patient is different, we need to consider how much treatment you need to get rid of the submental fat. This can vary from 1 to 6 treatments. We will let you know your expected plan during your consultation.


Since Kybella is non-surgical, it is easy to combine with other cosmetic procedures. Many patients find that combining Kybella with other injectables can deliver enhanced results and a stunning appearance.

Popular combinations include:

  • FaceTite
  • Radiesse
  • Sculptra
  • Dysport or Botox


Patients often experience minor side effects common in medical procedures, such as minor swelling and redness. This may seem like a nuisance, but in fact, it is showing that the product is doing its work. The amount of swelling reduces after every treatment with the first one to have the most swelling. However, most patients can return to their normal work right after the treatment.

Although side effects are to be expected, they should not steer you away from the main goal which is transformation. Also, these negative effects do not occur all the time as it varies from patient to patient. Kybella has several side effects including:

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Numbness
  • Mild discomfort
  • Bruising


If a double chin continues to affect your quality of life, you could benefit from Kybella. With the help of Dr. Cole, a physical examination of your lower chin will be taken as well as the history of all of your medical conditions and he will assess if it is the right step to take. After a single appointment, your double chin will begin to disappear.

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