“Muffin” can be a cute nickname… “muffin top,” not so cute.

That roll of fat bulging over a person’s jeans can get painfully embarrassing, especially as fashion trends continue making the waistbands lower and tighter.

It’s not always a question of fitness. Healthy, active people can develop muffin tops too. It’s partly genetics, partly age, partly lifestyle: mothers, men, young women and older patients complain about fat stored around the hips, despite all their healthy choices and hard work. In fact, this area of the body is one of the more resistant to diet and exercise – and it can be very difficult to hide.

If you’ve tried everything from diet changes to core strength, and a waistband bulge is still cutting into your confidence, you can permanently remove your muffin top with liposuction.

Liposuction can remove localized fat

Cole Aesthetic Center offers tumescent liposuction to deal with stubborn pockets of localized fat on many parts of the body, including muffin tops. After providing a local anesthetic, we apply a gentle suction to the areas of your unwanted fat using a micro-cannula (a small, stainless steel tube), aspirating the excess fat through tiny incisions.

Compared to conventional liposuction, this method involves less pain, less blood loss, a lower price tag and a faster recovery time – just 2 to 3 days in most cases (instead of 1 to 3 weeks).

Fat cells that are removed through liposuction do not grow back, so your muffin top will not return. As a result, our patients say they feel healthier, sexier and more confident. Of course, a healthy lifestyle is essential to keeping your body shape, but as long as you don’t gain weight excessively, your new waistline is here to stay.

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