Facelifts are becoming one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for both women and men, and it’s easy to see why. They offer dramatic results to your face’s appearance with minimal recovery time. And we feel good when we look at our very best.

As we age, the lines and furrows of our faces become deeper and more pronounced, sometimes resulting in sagging skin around the neck and jawline jowls. A facelift helps to reverse these effects by tightening the underlying muscles and giving your face a rejuvenating boost.

Facelifts add definition and improve the contour of the lower portion of the face, primarily the jawline, chin, and upper portion of the neck. Many women and men opt for facelift surgery because they have begun to experience the effects of aging on this area.

There are many variations of the facelift surgery – Plastic Surgeon in Seattle, Dr. Cole specializes in the extended S-lift. We offer both a Full Extended S-Lift and a Mini S-Lift. Which is right for you?

Mini face lift

The Mini S-Lift works best for patients aged 30 to 60 who want a more youthful look without much downtime.

Believe it or not, each part of the face ages at a different rate, and often it’s the lower third of the face that gives away our age. Addressing each feature at the right time – when changes are noticeable – corrects the initial signs of aging, gives better definition, and allows the face to age as a whole.

Less invasive than a full facelift, a mini S-Lift concentrates on just on the lower third of the face with well-hidden incisions. Since the face has not yet aged to maximum capacity in the 40s, a mini-lift keeps you looking younger for longer.

The mini facelift usually takes two hours and is performed under light sedation. After your mini S-Lift, you should plan on about a week of downtime and two weeks before returning to full activity.

Full face lift

The Full S-Lift is designed to remedy deeper, more serious furrows, and is ideal for patients looking for a more dramatic change. You can learn more about the facelift procedure by watching our video.

A full facelift is a surgical procedure that can help to resolve the issues of deep lines and sagging skin. A full facelift restores natural curvatures to the features while maintaining an appropriate amount of volume in the right places.

The full facelift is also performed under light sedation. After your full S-Lift, you should plan on two weeks of downtime, and three weeks to return to full activity.

How do I know which is right for me?

During your initial consultation, you and Dr. Cole will decide which facelift is the right choice for your situation and desired results. Dr. Cole may also suggest other procedures that could be performed at the same time (brow lift, parenthesis lines around the mouth, liposuction of the neck and jaw, etc.) to maximize the effect of the facelift.

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There’s no better time to schedule this simple procedure and get the most from your face lift surgery! Regardless of what choice you make, your face lift is sure to give you a refreshed, more youthful appearance. Call today, and treat yourself to a brand new you.

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