Upper eyelid surgery is a cosmetic procedure that treats droopy eyebrows. It can dramatically enhance your appearance and make you look more youthful. The procedure is also referred to as ”blepharoplasty” and is one of the top cosmetic procedures. This is because many people suffer from droopy eyelids due to the effects of aging and poor lifestyle habits. Those considering the cosmetic procedure may wonder, is upper eyelid surgery permanent? Below you will find the benefits of upper eyelid surgery and why it may be a great long-term solution for you.

Benefits of Upper Eyelid Surgery

Droopy eyelids can make you look tired and much older than you are. This can negatively impact your self-esteem. Upper eyelid surgery can help restore your natural glow and improve your confidence. Consider the following benefits of upper eyelid surgery.

  • Lasting Results: Depending on your unique needs, the procedure involves the removal of excess skin, muscle, and fat from your upper eye area. The results are permanent as the surgery restores the more youthful aspects of your eye. However, the procedure cannot stop the natural aging process. With that, depending on when you get your upper eyelid surgery, you may notice changes after due to the impacts of the natural aging process post-procedure. In addition, poor lifestyle habits can also negatively impact your results so it’s important to stay healthy and have a consistent daily skincare routine post-procedure.
  • Smooth and Firm Skin: The impact of aging and poor lifestyle habits can cause fine lines and wrinkles, especially around your eyes. Upper eyelid surgery can help smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles and draw attention to your eyes as they will appear more youthful and brighter.
  • Improved Vision: For some people, droopy upper eyelids can cause vision issues. This can even cause headaches as many have to raise their eyebrows to see properly. The cosmetic procedure can improve the issue and help restore your full vision.
  • Youthful Appearance: An upper eyelid lift can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and tighten up your upper eye area. This can result in your eyes looking more open and awake, which creates a more youthful look.

Is Upper Eyelid Surgery Permanent?

Before the procedure you will need to schedule a consultation to ensure you are a good candidate for the procedure. Good candidates are often over 30 years old, in good health, and have no other eye conditions (outside of drooping eyelids). Once it has been determined that you are good candidate, you can move forward with eyelid surgery in Seattle. The procedure takes roughly 1 to 2 hours if that’s the only procedure you are getting. Upper eyelid surgery is commonly combined with a brow lift, laser resurfacing, injectable fillers, or a facelift. Consult with the surgeon during your consultation for their recommendations.

Procedure Overview

We perform upper eyelid surgery on an outpatient basis. So you can go home the same day. Depending on your unique needs, you may undergo general or local anesthetic. General anesthetic is rare, but your surgeon will go over this during your consultation. The procedure itself involves small incisions that are strategically placed to minimize the appearance of scarring. The unnecessary tissues are removed and the incision is closed.

Upper eyelid surgery has one of the shortest recovery periods as you should be back to your daily routine within a week or two, and you should be able to go out in public within 2 weeks. However, the final results can take one to three months. If you are considering upper eyelid surgery, or any other plastic surgery in Seattle, contact Cole Aesthetic Center for a consultation!

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