Laser skin resurfacing is a safe and effective treatment. It is a facial rejuvenation procedure that can improve the appearance of your skin. The results of the procedure can last for years if you take good care of your skin. Consider how laser treatments improve facial aesthetics and why it may be right for you.

How Laser Treatments Improve Facial Aesthetics

Laser treatments can improve the look of your skin and improve your facial aesthetics. In fact, patients often report an increase in self-confidence due to the results of the procedure. Consider the following benefits before you get your laser treatment.

Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles:

One of the first signs of aging is fine lines and wrinkles. These can often impact the area around your eyes first, as crow’s feet and frown lines between your eyebrows are common. Laser treatments can reduce the appearance of fine lines and soften deeper wrinkles. This leaves your skin looking smoother and can take years off your face.

Tightens and Smooths Skin:

Aging and poor lifestyle habits can lead to skin sagging and visible texture. Aging results in a reduction in collagen production, an integral protein necessary to keep your skin looking voluminous and youthful. The reduction in collagen production begins in your late 20s and can impact the look of your skin as early as your 30s. Laser resurfacing in Seattle increases collagen production, which can leave your skin looking tighter and smoother.

Improves Discoloration:

Excess sun exposure and the natural aging process are just a couple of the culprits that can lead to discoloration, brown spots, and even redness. This can leave your skin looking blotchy and uneven. Many people turn to makeup, but that is temporary and often cannot cover up everything. Laser treatments can address these issues and leave your skin looking much more balanced.

Reduces The Appearance of Pores:

Large pores can be unflattering and impact the overall appearance of your face. Genetics, age, and sun exposure can all impact the look of your pores. If you avoid getting too close to others in order to ensure they don’t see your pores, consider laser treatments. They can reduce the size of your pores and improve the overall tone and texture of your skin.

Improves Facial Scars:

Scars can often distract from your natural beauty, especially if they are visible on your face. Due to the texture of scars, they are often difficult to cover up with makeup. Laser treatments can improve the appearance of scars caused by acne, trauma, or even surgery.

Reduces the Appearance of Blood Vessels:

Spider veins, broken capillaries, and prominent blood vessels can impact the appearance of your facial aesthetic. There are a number of causes of visible blood vessels on your face, including sun exposure, hormone issues, and aging. Laser treatments can reduce their appearance within just one to two treatment sessions.

Laser Resurfacing Treatment

If you are unhappy with the look of your skin, consider laser resurfacing treatment. The procedure offers a variety of benefits and is highly effective. Laser treatment is done under IV sedation for maximum comfort. Depending on the area being treated, the procedure can take between 30 to 60 minutes. You should see results within just a couple of weeks as your skin heals. However, you will notice continual results for the first few months post-treatment.

The first step in getting laser treatment is setting up a consultation. A treatment plan can be devised based on your unique goals. Laser treatment is often combined with cosmetic surgery in Silverdale. Combining procedures can dramatically improve your appearance and leave you looking years younger. Contact Cole Aesthetic Center today to schedule a consultation!

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