As you age, your face will naturally change. This can be accelerated by lifestyle factors, but there are ways you can slow down the process of aging to look your best. Each decade brings you more wisdom and experience, but it also brings more signs of aging. Below you will find the first signs of age on your face and what you can do about it.

First Signs of Age

While everyone ages differently, below are some of the common signs of aging that you may experience.


By your 20s, you have likely lost the baby fat on your face and have a more mature look. At this juncture, the state of your skin is highly dependent on how much time you spent in the sun, in addition to how much squinting at screens you did prior to your 20s. Both of these can contribute to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. At this point, it is vital that you have a good skincare routine, in addition to including sunscreen into your life on a daily basis. You should be using at least SPF 30 to ensure you are protected. It is also a good idea to begin chemical peels. They help improve the tone and texture of your skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and help keep your skin smooth and youthful.


People often feel like their skin looks tired and dull during this period. Crow’s feet, “11” lines, and nasolabial lines around your mouth can appear. This is due to the reduction in collagen that your body produces. Collagen is what helps keep your skin looking plump and youthful. In addition to continuing with your chemical peels, this is a good time to begin Botox or dermal fillers. Botox can be done even earlier than your 30s for prevention. However, it is also beneficial in keeping fine lines or wrinkles from deepening any further. Dermal fillers can fill in any of the areas that have lost volume.


Fine lines often turn into wrinkles in your 40s unless you have had consistent Botox treatments. One of the main areas that shows the signs of aging on your face is your eyes. People often get saggy or droopy eyelids. This is due to the loss of collagen and elastin, in addition to a weakening of the muscle in your upper eyelid. Droopy eyelids can unnecessarily age you. A brow lift in Seattle is a great option to address drooping eyebrows and hood-like skin over your eyes.

Fifties and Above:

The effects of natural aging and the accumulation of certain lifestyle factors can often lead to sagging and volume loss in your fifties. The loss of volume is a major factor in what leads to your skin sagging. This is often found on the side of your jaw and neck area. Depending on your desired aesthetic and the current status of your skin, there are surgical and non-surgical treatment options that can improve sagging due to volume loss. Skin tightening can help restore some of your skin’s tautness. In terms of surgical options, consider a full or partial facelift.

Top Seattle Plastic Surgeon

If you are concerned about the first signs of age on your skin and are considering treatment options, contact the experts at Cole Aesthetic Center. The team of professionals are skilled in a variety of cosmetic facial treatments, including brow lifts. They have provided numerous patients with treatments that help meet their aesthetic goals. They offer a wide variety of cosmetic, reconstructive, and non-surgical treatment options to meet your unique needs. Contact the top Seattle plastic surgeon today for a consultation!

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