Professional treatments are the most effective way to rejuvenate your skin and maintain a healthy glow. However, what you do when you leave our office is just as important as the procedure you choose at our office. Professional-grade skin care is the best choice for maintaining the positive results you get from our clinic. With two different lines and a myriad of formulations to choose from, we can help you find the skin care that will address your specific skin concerns and give you superior results every single day.

Private Label Skin Care

Cole Aesthetic Center features its own private label skin care product line with formulations to address every skin type and need. These products, formulated by Dr. Cole and his team, offer potent concentrations of active ingredients that promise dramatic results without irritating the skin. In addition to improving your appearance, these formulas work to restore health and radiance to the skin that will keep it in top condition over the long term.

Our anti-aging skin care line features a full system of products to cleanse, protect and treat. Our vitamin C serum works to combat signs of visible aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles while the other products in our anti-aging line work to restore hydration and reduce the appearance of age spots. Our products have been proven in our clinical testing to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, even out texture and tone and reduce redness and inflammation.

In addition to anti-aging products, Cole Aesthetic Center features skin care for dealing with specific skin conditions like acne and rosacea. We offer full-spectrum sun protection products and treatments that focus on the lips and eyes. Our skin care formulas are designed for use on any area of the skin that tends to suffer damage, including the neck, chest, arms and hands, in addition to the face.

NIA24 for Reversing Sun Damage

Cole Aesthetic Center also carries the NIA24 skin care line, which focuses primarily on reversing signs of sun damage. Specifically, these formulations effectively address sun spots, fine lines and facial creases, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin texture and tone. It is even endorsed by the American Skin Cancer Foundation. There are products in the line to cleanse, protect and treat and they are designed to work synergistically to produce the best possible results.

The common ingredient in all NIA24 products is pro-niacin, a molecule that can penetrate the skin to stimulate cell renewal and healing from within. The key substance in pro-niacin is vitamin B3 or niacin, which has increasingly shown benefits when used to restore youthful vitality to the skin. This line also provides specific solutions for the chest and hands, in addition to a full line of skin care for the face.

Professional treatments can help you treat specific skin issues and produce a more youthful glow, but the results are often temporary. When you use medical-grade products at home between your professional treatments, you can go far in protecting and extending the positive results of those treatments. In addition, you are taking steps to keep your skin as healthy as possible, warding off signs of aging and other potential damage for a much longer period of time.

At Cole Aesthetic Center, we are committed to helping you keep your skin looking and feeling its best 24/7. To achieve this goal, we allow you to take our skin care home with you so you can give your skin the essential ingredients it needs every single day. To learn more about the skin care lines available at Cole Aesthetic Center, call us today at 360.613.2600.

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