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Chapter 1 - B5

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Section: Ethics, Rights and Responsibilities

Subject: Advanced Directives

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It is the policy of the Cole Aesthetic Center to respond to any emergency or cardiac arrest in such a manner as to save the life of the patient.


An Advanced Directive is a declaration that is written and signed in advance of a serious/terminal illness or incapacitated state in which an individual, competent at the time of execution, outlines his or her choice for health care.


  • The Cole Aesthetic Center Center does not honor Advanced Directives at this facility. Advanced directives are suspended for the duration of care.
  • If a patient has a cardiac arrest, 911 will be called and the patient will be transported to the hospital.
  • If a patient presents an Advanced Directive to the facility, a copy should be made and placed in the patient’s medical chart. The original should be given back to the patient, and the patient should be informed of the policy to not honor their Advanced Directive.
  • If a patient requests information for assistance in formulating an Advanced Directive, the patient will be referred to his or her attorney or to an acute care hospital where resources are available to assist the patient.