What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition that can cause bumps on your skin that are similar to acne. Your face may also appear red as if you are blushing. The flareups often come in cycles so you can experience the symptoms for weeks or months at a time in various intervals. More than sixteen million Americans are affected by the skin condition. While rosacea can be inconvenient, there are treatment options that are safe and effective. Laser treatment for rosacea is perhaps the most effective and safe.

Red skin and acne bumps are the most common symptoms of rosacea, but several signs can alert you that you may have this skin condition. The symptoms often present on your cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead. Below you will find some of the indications associated with rosacea.

  • Patches of rough, dry skin
  • Stinging or burning
  • Enlarged pores
  • Bumps and broken blood vessels on your eyelids
  • Swollen, bulb-shaped nose
  • Swollen and sensitive skin

If left untreated, you can develop issues with your eyes like redness, swelling, pain, and sometimes vision problems. Treating your rosacea is essential as it can reduce the visible symptoms before it impacts your vision.

What Causes Rosacea?

Doctors and researchers aren’t exactly sure what causes the skin condition. However, some factors play a significant role in whether or not you can get it. Below are some of the common factors for those who experience rosacea.

  • Light skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes
  • Between the ages of thirty and fifty
  • Women
  • Smokers
  • Severe acne sufferers

In addition to the risk factors, several other factors are common among those with rosacea.

  • Genetics: For those with close family members who have the skin condition, the risk is higher.
  • Blood Vessel Issues: If your skin is red, you may have issues with your blood vessels. For example, sun damage can cause your blood vessels to get wider, which makes them more visible.
  • Bacteria: Certain bacteria that live in your gut can cause an increase in the amount of a digestive hormone in your body. This can cause your skin to look flushed.

Treatment for Rosacea

While there are many medications available to treat the skin condition, they generally are unable to address all of the symptoms. Often, these medications cannot manage the redness, flushing, or skin thickening around the nose. The most effective treatment option for rosacea is laser treatment.

Laser treatment is an excellent option for those with the skin condition who experience redness and flushing due to their rosacea. It typically requires a series of treatments depending on the severity of your condition. They are usually done every six weeks and can range from between two to eight different sessions. The treatment is highly effective as patients can often see visible results within as few as two visits. Patients report that laser treatment helps reduce blood vessels, flushing, and redness.

Laser Treatment in Silverdale and Sequim

If you think you may have rosacea and need treatment, contact Cole Aesthetic Center. Their experts can diagnose and provide treatment to help you combat the negative effects of the condition. Laser treatment for rosacea is an effective treatment option. It is also a great way to minimize the unwanted effects of the skin condition on your face so you can get back to looking and feeling like yourself again. The experts at Cole Aesthetic Center are experienced in treating rosacea through laser treatments. They are primarily focused on making sure that you leave their office looking and feeling your best. Contact their office today for an appointment!

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