Struggling with Loose Skin?

What’s more perfect than a life of countless afternoons, enjoying the sunshine – and a complexion that doesn’t show it?

If your days in the sun are finally making their mark on your complexion, you’re probably noticing some of the characteristic symptoms of damaged skin. Perhaps you see fine lines on your face and neck, sun spots on your hands or arms, broken blood vessels, or visible veins.

Loose skin on your face, neck, and chest can be equally (if not more) annoying, as it has a way of making a person look so much older than they really are – certainly older than they feel. That’s a normal frustration for people who live an active lifestyle, spend plenty of time in the sun, or are simply getting older.

If you’re struggling with sagging skin, you’re in luck. You can restore the natural beauty of your skin without surgery. At Cole Aesthetic Center, the secret is Broadband Light (BBL) Therapy.

Broadband Light Therapy

Using precise, warm pulses of light, our BBL laser gently removes damaged vessels and unwanted melanin, blending age spots for a more consistent skin tone.

It also stimulates the natural healing function in the deeper layers of your skin, so your body produces new collagen for a foundation of firmer, more supple skin.

According to Stanford University’s department of dermatology, BBL can delay and even reverse the signs of aging!

And because BBL is designed to cool the epidermis while it works, it also protects your skin from damage at the same time. It’s both safe and comfortable. In just 30 to 60 minutes, you can have firmer, more vibrant skin, thanks to this completely non-invasive procedure.

Tighten Up Loose Skin

So, what are the two most important problem areas on your wish list? Face and hands… neck and chest… BBL is comfortable and safe for any part of your body. And there’s no downtime. Put on makeup, go to work, get back to all your normal activities as soon as your BBL is done.

Ready to firm up your skin and restore your complexion? Fill out the form below or give us a call to schedule your BBL treatment package today.