Refresh Your Eyes with Blepharoplasty

If you are looking to make a significant change in the way you look next year, eyelid surgery might be just what you are searching for. While it may not sound like much to alter tired, drooping eyelids, the refreshing improvement after this procedure can be dramatic. Dr. Cole at Cole Plastic Surgery in Seattle has a variety of reasons why his patients often choose eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty as a means of turning back the clock on their appearance.

The Eyes Tell All

Your eyes shoulder plenty of hard work every single day. In addition to acting as your “windows to the world,” the eyes show expression and emotion more accurately than any other area of the face. Unfortunately, they also tend to show signs of aging earlier than other features as well. Fine lines and sagging skin can make your entire appearance look older and wearier than you actually feel. By reversing the signs of aging around the eyes, you can effectively wake up and refresh the entire face.

What are your goals?

You may have a number of different goals when it comes to rejuvenating the eye area. Upper lids can begin to droop over the eye, giving a tired or sad appearance and even restricting your range of vision in some cases. Tiny deposits of fat in the upper lid can also interfere with the natural crease of the lid and make it difficult to apply makeup properly.

The lower lid can also change over time. Sagging skin and dark circles under the eye can significantly age your appearance. That delicate skin of the lower lid is also vulnerable to the appearance of fine lines. Some individuals actually experience drooping of the lower lid, even to the extent the white of the eye under the iris is exposed.

Outpatient, Quick Recovery

Eyelid surgery can address all of these concerns in a customizable procedure that can involve the upper lids, lower lids, or both lids at the same time. Dr. Cole is experienced in surgical techniques for the eyelid and will develop a plan that will give your eyes the youthful refreshment you are looking for. Nearly all eyelid surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis, using local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia.

Incisions made during eyelid lifts are either placed inside the lids or outside in the natural creases of the skin. The goal is to ensure there is little or no visible scarring after the procedure. Through the incisions, Dr. Cole removes extra skin and tissue, creating a smoother, firmer look to the eyelids.

Full recovery from eyelid surgery generally takes two to three weeks. During that time, patients may have some bruising and swelling to address, but these side effects usually subside within that period of time. Post-operative discomfort can be managed with oral medication. Patients are usually back to light activities within a week or so and more strenuous activities within a month.

Long-Lasting Results

One of the greatest benefits of eyelid surgery is the long-lasting results it offers. Most patients will enjoy the improvement to the look of the eyes for many years after this procedure. If signs of aging begin to creep in once again, additional treatments may be performed to preserve the new look. In some cases, this might be non-surgical skin rejuvenation or anti-aging treatments. In other cases, additional surgery might be preferred.

Eyelid surgery just might be the way to refresh and rejuvenate your appearance in 2017. To learn more about this procedure, contact Cole Aesthetic Center today at 360.613.2600.

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