How can I treat my toenail fungus?

Are your toenails discolored? If so, you might have onychomycosis. That’s the scientific term for a nail fungus which can turn your toenails a crumbling, ugly yellow.

It’s actually a very common problem, affecting more than one in four people. If you don’t have it yourself, you’ve probably seen someone who has.

If you do, be aware: this is an infection, which needs treatment. Nail fungus doesn’t go away by itself – in fact, it often gets worse.

It starts with a white or yellow spot under your nail tip. Later, your toenails may turn brittle, break off in pieces or even fall off entirely. Even then, the fungus may continue to do harm: it can spread to other nails – even to other family members!

Are your toenails…

  • Dull (no luster)?
  • Thickened?
  • Wrinkled or distorted?
  • Yellowed?
  • Darkening, grey?
  • Separating from the nail bed?
  • Foul-smelling?

If so, please get it checked out as soon as you can. Nail fungus is easier to treat the earlier you catch it. The good news is, with laser removal it can be fully, permanently remedied.

Eradicate nail fungus, instantly

At Cole Aesthetic Center, we treat infected toenails within a 30 minute appointment.

We simply shine a laser through the nail, where it eradicates the infection underneath (leaving healthy tissue untouched). Patients say the process feels warm and painless; afterward, you can get right back to your routine with no discomfort.

Results appear gradually, as your toenails grow. The new, clear nail will begin to appear near the cuticle, while the old, diseased portion slowly works its way out. In about 2-4 months, your toenails should look completely healthy again.

“I’ve suffered from toe nail fungus for almost 20 years. Before the laser nail treatment, my nails looked dark gray — almost bordering on black. The treatment itself was really simple and easy — I was able to do whatever I wanted afterwards with no side effects. Now, my toe nails are much lighter — I’m not afraid to show them in public.” – Jon M., Sciton patient

Afterward, talk to your doctor about what you can do to prevent reinfection. Ask how to increase blood circulation to your feet (helping your immune system fight local infections more effectively). Wear shoes with some ventilation, and socks that wick moisture away; also, go barefoot on dry surfaces. By exposing your feet to air and limiting warm, humid conditions, you minimize the places where fungi can thrive.

Schedule your laser fungus removal as soon as possible. Complete the contact form to the right, or call 360.613.2600.

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