Woman having Anesthesia before a procedure.

Anesthesia Risks and Assessment

Anesthesia is often misunderstood among those outside the medical field. This is because it is a complex process that requires skilled medical professionals who understand the anesthesia risks and assessment process necessary to ensure your overall health and safety. A number of procedures require general anesthesia, while others may only require local anesthesia. Below you … Read more

plastic surgeon marking womans body for surgery

Benefits of Fat Grafting

Fat grafting, also referred to as a fat transfer, is a procedure that uses a person’s own fat to refill irregularities and grooves in their body. This is an established cosmetic treatment that has major benefits. Fat can be transferred from various areas of your body that have excess fat and used on your cheeks, … Read more

close up of woman's fit body in work out gear

What to Expect from Your Lipo Recovery

Liposuction is an efficient way to eliminate stubborn fat deposits that won’t go away through your diet and exercise efforts alone. However, some people shy away from the procedure because they are worried about how much pain and recovery time is involved in the process. The good news is advancements in liposuction techniques today have … Read more

woman showing off biceps wearing large pants showing weight loss

Lose Weight for the Holidays with SculpSure

Are you looking for a way to slim down a bit before the holiday season gets into swing? If those stubborn bulges have not responded to your diet and exercise efforts, maybe SculpSure is the solution you are looking for. This non-surgical treatment trims away those fat deposits, giving you the leaner, sweater-ready profile you … Read more

before and after belly fat reduction

Lipo vs. SculpSure: Which is Right for You?

Are you looking for a way to trim those isolated areas of fat and create a smoother, bikini-ready body contour for the season? You have a number of options available today. At Cole Aesthetic Center, we offer both surgical body contouring via tumescent liposuction and non-surgical treatments using the revolutionary procedure known as SculpSure. We … Read more

No More Muffin Top!

  “Muffin” can be a cute nickname… “muffin top,” not so cute. That roll of fat bulging over a person’s jeans can get painfully embarrassing, especially as fashion trends continue making the waistbands lower and tighter. It’s not always a question of fitness. Healthy, active people can develop muffin tops too. It’s partly genetics, partly … Read more