Habits that Age Skin

While natural aging happens to everyone, certain habits can age your skin fast. Most people often rely on the idea that genetics determine the way your skin will look and feel as you age, but genetics are just one part of the process of keeping your skin looking youthful. Focusing on prevention and addressing your … Read more

Pregnancy and Your Skin

Those nine months of pregnancy bring many changes to your body, but did you know they can also lead to changes in your complexion? Hormonal fluctuations are often the culprit in those changes. Cole Aesthetic Center has the facts about the changes you might see in your skin during pregnancy, preventative steps you can take, … Read more

Activities for Winter Wellness!

Let’s face it: trying to stay active when the weather gets colder and wetter is downright difficult. It’s one of the main reasons why so many people fall off their fitness goals in the wintertime. And combined with the stress (and calories) of the holiday season, an inactive winter can mean trouble for your physique. … Read more

5 Thanksgiving Foods to Keep You Healthy

The Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner. And for many people, it’s difficult to be anything but excited for this joyous time, celebrating the abundance of life, friends, and family. But those of us trying to be health-conscious and maintain some semblance of fitness during the winter months may approach the big meal with … Read more

How To Beat Holiday Stress

The holidays are upon us… and excitement is in the air! The cold weather is refreshing, the twinkling lights are magical, and the party invitations are exciting. But, as you well know, holiday enchantment often comes with holiday stress. If you’re like most of us – you overdo it during the holidays. It’s common to … Read more

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