Man with stress and hair loss

Stress and Hair Loss

Hair loss can happen to both men and women during their lifetime. Often referred to as alopecia, hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors, including stress. Stress has a number of harmful effects on your health and physical appearance. Below you will find helpful information about stress and hair loss. Stress and … Read more

Man feeling embarassed about hair loss.

Don’t Feel Embarrassed About Hair Loss

Hair loss is natural and happens to everyone. In fact, people lose 50-100 hairs on average each day. You’ll likely notice this when you wash your hair in the shower or brush your hair. If you are losing more than 100 hairs each day, you may be suffering from abnormal hair loss. This can include … Read more

man looking in the mirror concerned while searching his hair.

Caring for Your Hair After a Transplant

Getting a new head of hair can be a great confidence boost for anyone. This is especially true for men and women who have felt insecurities about their hair loss. After a hair transplant, patients often report a boost in self-esteem as they feel happier about their appearance. One of the most important aspects of … Read more

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Fight Hair Loss in 2017

If you headed into 2017 with significantly less hair than you had to greet 2016, maybe now is the time to take action. Hair restoration is less invasive than ever before, with techniques that provide superior results for both men and women today. At Cole Aesthetic Center, we offer the revolutionary NeoGraft procedure for our … Read more

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Thinning Hair? We can Help!

Hair loss is a distressing problem that affects millions of men and women in the U.S. today. Now, there is a revolutionary way to perform hair transplants that provides natural results with less discomfort and downtime. NeoGraft enhances the hair transplantation process, offering patients superior results without the linear scarring common with other hair transplant … Read more