Fat grafting, also referred to as a fat transfer, is a procedure that uses a person’s own fat to refill irregularities and grooves in their body. This is an established cosmetic treatment that has major benefits. Fat can be transferred from various areas of your body that have excess fat and used on your cheeks, face folds, lips, and it can even be used to correct botched surgeries. Fat grafting also has healing properties and can help treat your skin, scars, or even those with migraines. Below you will find information about the procedure and its benefits.

Fat Transfer Procedure

Fat grafting in Seattle involves borrowing fat from one part of the body and moving it to another part. The removal process is done using liposuction to remove fat from an area of your body you ultimately want reduced. Once the fat is removed, it is washed and processed. It is then reinjected into another area of your body for the purposes of enhancement, augmentation, and even healing.

The fat removal process is permanent, but you can gain the weight back in the area where the fat was removed. While the transferred fat cells will remain in place, weight gain can occur in both the area where the fat was removed and deposited. It is also important to note that in the first six weeks, you may experience a 30-40% loss in fat in the area where the fat was transferred. Your surgeon will place extra fat there to compensate for the loss.

Fat transfers can be used for many purposes, including purely cosmetic or healing. Below you will find some of the ways a fat transfer can be used.

  • Breast augmentations or enhancements
  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Buttock augmentation
  • Hand rejuvenation
  • Scars or burns
  • Footpad atrophy
  • Amputation pain or thinning skin
  • Radiation therapy and related skin changes
  • Chronic migraines with specific trigger points

Benefits of Fat Grafting

There are many advantages to fat grafting, even beyond merely cosmetic reasons. Below are some of the most common benefits of fat grafting.

  • No Allergic Reactions: One of the most noted benefits is that the procedure uses your own fat tissue so your body will not reject the transfer. It doesn’t include chemicals or even large incisions, so you will leave the office with little to no scarring.
  • Short Procedure and Recovery Time: Another major benefit is almost all fat grafting procedures can be done in one day so you can go home the same day. In addition to being fast, it is also relatively pain-free as compared to many other cosmetic procedures. The downtime is also short, so you won’t have to worry about taking weeks off to recover.
  • Healing Properties: One of the lesser-known benefits of fat grafting is the healing properties of your fat. Fat contains various stem cells, including mesenchymal stem cells (“MSC”). These cells are specialized adult stem cells that can produce multiple types of cells in the skeletal tissue. Researchers believe that these cells from the fat transfer can help certain tissues heal.

Fat Grafting in Silverdale and Sequim

If you are interested in the benefits of fat grafting, contact Cole Aesthetic Center. Dr. Cole provides the best plastic surgery in Seattle, and can provide treatment options that are right for you. Their focus is to ensure you look and feel your best and get the aesthetic results you desire from treatment. The Cole Aesthetic Center is patient-focused because they understand each patient is unique in their aesthetic goals. The experts at Cole Aesthetic Center are experienced in fat grafting and other cosmetic treatments. Contact their office today for a consultation!

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