All Facials Aren’t Created Equal

In terms of skin rejuvenation, we all have our methods of keeping our skin hydrated, and the HydraFacial compliments each and every skin-type with results you can see right away. At the Cole Aesthetic Center, our goal is to provide you with top nonsurgical treatment solutions, giving you the best skin you’ll find yourself in.

The number one thing we have to remember is that not all facials are created equal. It’s important that we choose the correct method and products that will support our skin rejuvenation needs. Putting your best face forward requires careful hands and the tools to do so; a facial is the best place to begin.

Facials should address all aspects of skin rejuvenation from the initial exfoliation to gently digging deep, removing impurities, treating new skin, and molding it into a gorgeous masterpiece; you will feel proud to show off. There are four ways the HydraFacial MD will help to transform your skin. The best part is that it only takes 20-30 minutes!

Exfoliate Your Way to New Skin

The first step of this amazing new state-of-the-art facial treatment is Vortex-Exfoliation. The HydraFacial MD is a physician grade tool that begins with four barrels of gentle exfoliation to wipe away the rough surface of dead and aging skin cells. Using careful water pressure, treated with essential serums such as glycolic and lactic acids (Activ-4), layers of skin are sloughed away.

The topical layer of dead cells is removed and the next layer is carefully hydrated with nature’s essentials of algae extract. The final step is to begin smoothing the fine lines of your face all sealed by yeast extracts, prepping for the next phase of your skin transformation.

Treat the Essential Problem Skin Areas

Just hearing the word peel, some of you will begin to cringe. But when you experience a Hydrafacial MD Vortex-Peel, you will never cringe again. This next phase of your skin transformation is all about getting to the core of your skin’s problem areas. There are unruly sebaceous glands lying at the core of most hair follicles, invisible to the eye, that secrete oils clogging pores over time. Clogged pores come from impurities and pollution all around us. These impurities can settle into pores and create inflammation, cause redness, and produce blemishes, making skin look unhealthy. The Vortex-Peel gets down into the layers essential to your skin’s overall healthy appearance.

A Glysal serum is applied to these critical layers of the skin, simultaneously exfoliating, gently peeling, and treating the sebaceous glands while softening them. There is absolutely no post-peel scaling since this is done carefully and gently enough for the most sensitive skin. Now that this layer is treated, your skin is fresh to move onto the extraction of inflammation, causing impurities and changing the overall texture of your skin.

Extract the Old, In with the New

As the saying goes, ‘out with the old and in with the new.’ In order to get back to the beautiful skin that we were all born with, it’s essential to remove all the things that made it wrinkled, discolored, slack, and sad. A traditional facial will definitely skip over many problem areas deep within the skin that will trap these hidden skin assassins causing all of the visible facial skin issues.

Not only will a facial miss many of these impurities, but also the traditional facial isn’t equipped with serums that will heal and treat the skin at its core. The sebaceous layer of skin is treated with a Beta-HD serum to help clear out pores. A honey extract is then applied, a natural healing and antibacterial ointment, essential for your skin’s recovery. Spirea Ulmaria follows the honey extract component by soothing, after the peel and exfoliating process, ultimately calming the skin.

The extraction is the part of the process where you can literally see the results. Since the extraction is done with a gentle vacuum-like tool, all the dirty little skin culprits are piled into a small collection container that you can see. You will not believe how much was removed from your skin, now allowing the beauty of clean layers to shine through.

Fuse and Protect

Your skin is ready to seal and protect, maintaining it’s beautiful new glow. To equip your skin with the tools it now needs to fight the weather, UV rays, hydration issues, and sustain optimal health for the future, magical healing antioxidants will need to be added to the revitalized layers.

How do we do this? With Horse Chestnut seed, green tea, and Arnica flower extracts to protect skin from the harsh environmental conditions and free radicals. Now that the cells are prepped, we can get to the aesthetic part of it all. Here we fuse all steps of the HydraFacial treatment and work on skin tone, reducing fine lines, the appearance of brown spots, and discolorations.

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity, thickness, and firmness. In order to revitalize our skin, we need to constantly monitor and provide sustaining treatments to invigorate the cells, never giving in to the aging process. Your skin reflects the way you care for it and should always be the focal point for care—It’s the first thing people see. Love the skin you’re in, and you can accomplish this with the HydraFacial MD. Set up an appointment with our skin experts today at Cole Aesthetics. You’re on your way to beautiful, healthier-looking skin.

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